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Texarillo is Dwane Dixon, Ricardo Bacardi and Ken Loudmann.  The band serves up a red hot mix of Texas Blues and Roots Rock.  The self proclaimed Ultimate Roadhouse Band is a band that means business!  They are well known for playing several shows per week and playing 4 hours or more at their shows!  Texarillo is a stripped-down trio with a big, big sound!

Texarillo's raunchy Blues and Rock sound was born out of the ashes of Dwane's previous project, the hard rock band Top Johnny!. After 8 years, two albums and several personnel changes Dwane decided to reconnect with his first love, the blues.  As a course of musical therapy he decided to assemble a band that would play the music that inspired him to play guitar. So to pay homage to Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Johnny Winter, George Thorogood & ZZ Top Dwane placed an ad on Craigslist to form a Texas Blues and Rock Band. 

The first two candidates to reply to the ad were Ricardo Bacardi, who enlisted for the position of bass guitar and Ken Loudmann, signed up for drums.  The three musicians got together for an informal "audition" and played 10 songs together to get a feel of how the others played.  After playing the songs only once, they all agreed that they would meet weekly and eventually assemble a song list with enough songs to book some shows.  That same weekend Ricardo landed the band's first gig!  The group, then using the name Rio Grande, met at the club on Sept 11, 2010 and did the show with no further rehearsal!! The boys played 25 songs on stage for the very first time together in front of a full club plus the 10 that they played only once in the audition.  The show was a success and they were immediately hired for a return engagement.  Over 200 shows later the band is going stronger than ever with their first album Black Satin Blues released in Jan 2013 and a second album slated for 2014.  

What started as a musical distraction turned in to the powerhouse that Texarillo has become.  Black Satin Blues has gotten great reviews from many in the blues scene around Canada, the US, England, Australia, Greece, Croatia, The Netherlands and France to name a few and more.  Their songs are featured on FM and internet radio stations all around the world. 

Dwane Dixon - Singer/Songwriter/Guitarist/Producer



Dwane Dixon:  Lead vocals & guitar

For many years frontman and founding member Dwane Dixon tried his hand at many musical endeavours including releasing two albums in 2005 & 2008 with the Hard Rock outfit Top Johnny! only to come full circle back to his first love, the Blues. Dwane  is a musician of experience and dedication to his craft.  A full time artist and business owner, he heads up StarBrite Music with his long time partner and co-producer Mr P.  With three albums and countless shows under his belt Dwane brings a “show business” sensibility to this rocking trio. He attended Concordia University in Montreal and studied classical music theory and composition. Upon completing his studies in 1992, he returned to the live music stage and has since toured  North America from St John’s Newfoundland to Victoria B.C. and from New York City’s Times Square to Southern California. He has also had the distinction of working with Sony Music and Paramount Pictures.


Ricardo Bacardi - Bass/Backing Vocals



Ricardo Bacardi: Bass,Backing Vocals

Ricardo hails from Southern California and spent time in Florida paying his dues as a working musician. He is a composer and multi-instrumentalist who is forever in search of that “perfect sound”. Ricardo brings great flair and stage presence to the band. He is also a consummate diplomat and networker. He spent years on the club circuit honing his craft and playing many styles of music on both the six and four stringed instruments. He is a full time musician and independent musical instruments wheeler and dealer. He has an infectious stage manner that you can’t help but love. Ricardo majored in psychology with a minor in marketing at Concordia University in Montreal. 


Ken Loudmann - Drums

Ken Loudmann: Drums

Ken is the anchor of the group.  His style is steady and measured but with plenty of flair and horse power when the occasion calls for it. He plays his own brand of Oelmann Drums which he builds in own workshop. He has spent years in numerous bands around Montreal and is a “go to” drummer in the Montreal blues scene. Ken has played in front of thousands of fans at the Mount Tremblant Blues Festival, Festival de Mongolfier  in St Jean sur Richelieu as well as FestiBlues. He brings a no-nonsense business sensibility to the project. Ken is constantly striving to improve on his already impressive drumming skills and his craft of building the best drums money can buy. In his own words: “while the other guys in the band are talking to all the girls, I’ll be the guy answering questions to all the “drum geeks” in the bar.”

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